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Premium All Basswood Natural Wood Panel

The Natural Wood Panel is made with a thick premium basswood top mounted to a heavy-duty solid basswood cradle frame that is more dimensionally stable in larger sizes. It will not flex under heavy layers of paint or wax and holds up to extreme weight and pressure. Unlike rough birch plywood panels, this uniform surface is sanded perfectly smooth allowing for a more even painting ground or wood stain. The Natural Wood Panels are available with a 1.5" cradle profile. For ideas on how to treat the edges of the cradle, consult this article by Featured Artist Andrea Pramuk on hanging and framing.

Product Highlights:

  • Free of seams, knots, patches and raised fibers
  • Ultra-stable, will not give, bend or flex
  • Smooth uniform finish with limited wood grain

Heavy-duty Solid Basswood Cradles

  • Tested for durability and warp-resistance
  • Superior dimensional stability
  • Available in large sizes up to 36"x48"

All wood should be sealed and primed. Instructions for sealing and priming wood panels can be found here

Rear view of the Natural Wood PanelLink: How to Prime and Gesso a Wood Panel

Standard Sizes Available

1 1/2" cradled