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Featured Artist: Stephen Quiller

Deep Cradle Treatment

While I use Ampersand’s Aquabord for watercolors, my favorite application on this surface is acrylic and casein. The Aquabord™ gives my casein and acrylic paintings a visual quality unlike any on paper and canvas. The paint almost melts right into the textured clay surface of the board, giving a fresco-like quality to the piece. I especially like the luminosity that comes through on the surface. I begin with warm transparent undertones and then build up more layers of opaque paint. Recently I’ve really loved the effect of working with 3 to 4 layers of transparent yellow orange colors followed by two to three layers of blue violet. The result is a wonderful luminosity coming through the cool blue violets.Ampersand’s 2” Deep Cradled panels especially excite me.

Artwork by Stephen Quiller on Ampersand Deep Cradled Board

When I saw them I liked the look, but was somewhat leery of how they would look in my gallery along my other pieces that are traditionally framed. Much to my surprise, the day I hung the first two pieces I had finished on the 2” Deep Cradled Aquabord sold that very day! I have been staining the sides of the panels with a cherry stain, giving the piece a rich and elegant look. I am currently working on a triptych using the seasons as my subject. I already have the first one done with a fall scene and am looking forward to starting my winter scene soon. The Ampersand Deep Cradled panels give artists many new opportunities for creating and presenting their work.

Artwork by Stephen Quiller on Ampersand Deep Cradled Board

Powerful compositions and striking color combinations are hallmarks of Stephen Quiller's work. An internationally recognized artist and author, his books include Painter's Guide to Color, Water Media Techniques and Acrylic Painting Techniques. Quiller lives and works in Creede, Colorado. See more of his work at www.quillergallery.com.